Types of Shoes Commonly Used By Nurses

Nursing is a hectic profession that requires standing, running and walking a whole lot. For this reason, it is ideal for nurses to wear specially formulated shoes for extra comfort, durability, protection and style. Nursing shoes usually come in various forms but the most common ones are;

  • Slip-on
  • Clogs
  • Athletic shoes
  • Sneakers


Nurses are on their feet for several hours during their shifts, worrying about undone shoe laces or loosening laces is not part of the job description. The slip-on comes in handy because it doesn’t spot a lace. As the name implies, all you have to do is slip your foot in and you’re good to go. Nursing is such a sensitive profession that requires a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene. Touching one’s shoe every now and then for lace related problems brings about cross contamination, and will lead to several hand washes; a waste of precious time.


Clogs are very common within the nursing community because they offer great support; they are comfortable and easy to wash. These usually come with a closed front end and open back design with a strap for keeping the foot in place. Clogs are generally made from rubber, suede or leather. These offer great protection and comfort that the profession requires; they are also lightweight.

Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes are great for nurses because they are made for runners and designed to handle hard surfaces as a hospital’s floor. They are great shock absorbers and are generally lightweight with extra protection for the foot and a great degree of comfort and flexibility.


Sneakers can be considered for nurses who spend a moderate amount of time on their feet. For nurses who spend much time walking, running or standing, sneakers is not the best choice of footwear. They can be visually appealing, so opted for by the fashion-minded nurses.

Note: These various shoe types have their pros and cons so be sure to really check them out prior to purchase. Various health establishments have certain requirements when it comes to footwear and apparel for nurses, knowing these requirements will make you know what to buy and what to avoid.

Make sure to purchase best nursing shoes that are washable and able to handle stains because the job of a nurse comes with occasional spills and splashes. Suede material and vegan leather can be hard to clean and are somewhat on the heavy side.

Beware of breathable shoes. These have holes in them and may not protect your foot in the event of a fluid spill.

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