How to Wash off Pomade with Olive Oil and Dish Soap!

Surprised? I just came across this too.

First of all, what is pomade?

Pomade is a greasy product that is used to style hair, particularly men’s hair. Ladies use this too (What don’t they use?) but that is a talk for another day.

Pomade gained relevance in the early 90’s up to the later part of the century when they lost popularity a bit. Now they are back and with a bang I suppose. We have two major types of pomades; Oil based and water based pomade.

Oil based pomade is the traditional pomade; these started the best pomade culture. Back in the days, they were made from animal fat and mashed apples. Over the years, pomades have evolved greatly with massive improvements in the products. Ingredients such as petroleum and petrolatum have been used to replace animal fat. This pomade is greasy in nature and in elementary chemistry, I was taught that grease or oil or anything of that nature and water are not soluble, they don’t mix. So imagine traditional pomade on your hair, water will simply slide through and no real change will be noticed. Washing oil based pomade off can be a real chore, ask around!

Water based pomades: As the name suggests, water is the main ingredient in its production, in combination with other ingredients. These are easier to wash off hair, unlike the traditional pomade.

Every pomade user, rockabilly and quiff rocker can attest to the fact that oil-based is difficult to wash off.

Oil based pomade creates a build up over time of use, making the amount applied every other day smaller than the previous. This build up will make your stash last longer but can cause problems for your scalp too because it clogs and blocks air from getting in; your scalp needs to breathe.

It is recommended that you wash your hair every night with regular shampoo to reduce the oil on your hair. If you use water based pomade, getting it off is not your problem, buying a new pack on very short intervals is what you should be worried about.

To completely get oil based pomade off your hair, you need a degreasing shampoo, but before then, here is a very effective and inexpensive method.

What you need is olive and dish soap, you read right.

Let’s go through the entire process of using oil based pomade the right way.

On the first day, you wash your hair, dry it completely or partially (depending on the look you are aiming to achieve), apply pomade and style as desired. Before bed, wash off with regular shampoo. On the next day, repeat the process…fast forward to the fourth day (this is the time to get everything off a.k.a degreasing). On dry hair, massage one tablespoon of olive oil into your hair, this will break down the pomade and makes it easy to wash off. Then, mix the dish soap with little drops of water on your palm to form lather and apply to your hair, massage. Wash off everything with hot water and rewash with regular shampoo or conditioner if you desire. That’s about it. Good luck

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